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Mermell Releases 2019 Tax Returns, Opponents Continue to Follow Trump’s Lead

Jul 14, 2020

July 14, 2020

Mermell Releases 2019 Tax Returns, Opponents Continue to Follow Trump’s Lead

Mermell previously released five years of returns in June and challenged opponents to do the same – none of the eight have followed her lead

BROOKLINE – Democrat Jesse Mermell today released her 2019 tax returns after previously releasing five years of past tax returns in June and challenging her fellow candidates to do the same. One month later, none of the eight other Democrats in the race have followed Mermell’s lead, choosing to take a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook rather than run transparent campaigns.

“There are clear differences among the candidates in this race – in what they’ve accomplished, in what they stand for, in their priorities, and in their leadership styles,” said Mermell Campaign Manager, Katie Prisco-Buxbaum. “As a Democrat running in the midst of a lawless presidency, Jesse knows that she has an obligation to run a campaign that is the opposite of everything Trump stands for – open, transparent and accountable to the voters. That’s why she released her tax returns and is running a grassroots campaign powered by the people, not self-written checks or special interests.” 

Mermell’s release of her 2019 tax returns comes one week after the Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump must hand over his financial records to the Manhattan District Attorney.

“Jesse released her tax returns because it was the right thing to do – no Supreme Court case necessary,” said Prisco-Buxbaum. “We hope that, in light of the ruling, her fellow candidates will embrace a higher standard than the one embraced by Donald Trump and run transparent campaigns.”

Mermell’s tax returns can be accessed here.