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Mermell Endorsed by State Rep. Denise Garlick, Chief Sponsor of Medicare for All, 17 Other MA-04 Leaders

Aug 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

Mermell Endorsed by State Rep. Denise Garlick, Chief Sponsor of Medicare for All, 17 Other MA-04 Leaders

Mermell has strongest grassroots coalition with support from 94 current and former electeds, 21 unions, and leading progressive advocacy organizations

BROOKLINE – Jesse Mermell today continued to build on her momentum as the strongest progressive candidate in the race to succeed Congressman Joe Kennedy by earning the endorsement of State Representative Denise Garlick (D-Needham) and 17 other local leaders from Hopkinton, Sharon, Attleboro and Brookline. 

On the heels of receiving the first endorsement from a Massachusetts statewide elected official from Auditor Suzanne Bump, Mermell has now expanded her progressive coalition to include endorsements from 94 current and former electeds.

Representative Garlick has represented the 13th Norfolk District, which includes Needham, Dover and Medfield, since 2011 and is the chief sponsor of the Medicare for All bill.

“Jesse Mermell is uniquely qualified to represent our communities in Congress. She shares our interests and concerns,” said Representative Denise Garlick. “She understands our towns because she served on a Select Board. She has hands-on experience with state government having served with Gov. Patrick and she knows the complex relationships of state and federal government. She is an effective advocate helping to broker Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave law and she has been an activist for a woman’s right to choose. We need the voice and experiences of a woman leader and we want her in the House of Representatives!”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Representative Denise Garlick, a fearless champion for affordable and accessible health care, as well as 17 other local leaders from key communities across the Fourth District,” said Mermell. “This election is coming down to a clear choice between a proven progressive leader who is supported by nearly 100 local leaders, 21 unions representing 269,000 Massachusetts workers, leading progressive advocacy organizations and thousands of grassroots donors or a candidate who does not represent the Fourth District’s progressive values and would take us backwards. Our campaign is peaking at exactly the right time as voters begin to cast their votes by mail or make plans to vote in person early or on September 1st.”

In addition to Representative Garlick, those endorsing Mermell today include: Hopkinton Select Board Member Amy Ritterbusch, Sharon School Committee Member Judy Crosby, Brookline Town Meeting Members Wendy Machmuller, Linda Olson Pehlke, Stefanie Greenfield, David Lescohier, Janice Kahn, Laura Baines-Walsh, Bob Lepson, Julie Jette, Robert Volk, Sarah Boehs and Adrienne Bowman, Former Chair of the Brookline Housing Authority David Trietsch, former Brookline Town Meeting Members Rachel Goodman and Phyllis Giller, and City of Attleboro Director of Budget & Administration and former Public Schools of Brookline Budget Analyst Jeremy Stull.

“Jesse has the experience and skills to get things done in Washington while representing the progressive values of our district,” said Hopkinton Select Board Member Amy Ritterbusch.

“It is essential that the next Member of Congress for the Fourth District is committed to fighting for an equitable public education system, especially as COVID-19 has severely disrupted learning,” said Sharon School Committee Member Judy Crosby. “I know that Jesse will stand up for our students and our educators in Sharon and across the district. I’m proud to endorse her.”

“Jesse is a dynamic force for change. I’ve never met anyone more committed and more qualified to make government an instrument of good for those in need,” said Former Chair of the Brookline Housing Authority David Trietsch. “Jesse will build coalitions to serve people not politics. I am proud to support Jesse Mermell for Congress.” 

“As a Brookline resident, I know Jesse as a strong, thoughtful and measured leader,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Wendy Machmuller. “She has been committed to our community and the people in it, and will take this same dedication to the U.S. Congress. I personally appreciate her staunch support of comprehensive animal welfare legislation, and her commitment to environmental justice, equity and sustainability within the Commonwealth.”

“Jesse’s commitment to small dollar, grassroots fundraising proves she will represent the people of our district, she can’t be bought by corporate interests,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Linda Olson Pehlke. “Jesse is a fighter for working families, women, the environment and all marginalized people who need a voice in our government, that’s why I’m supporting her.” 

“I trust Jesse to work collaboratively with national leadership teams and boldly stand up for women’s reproductive rights for the next generation,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Stefanie Greenfield.

“Jesse’s long record of public service convinces me that Brookline will be proud to have Jesse in Washington as our representative,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member David Lescohier. “Jesse will be a skilled, dedicated, energetic, forceful, outspoken voice in Congress for Brookline’s progressive values. Vote for Jesse Mermell.” 

“I first met Jessie close to 20 years ago. Since then I have seen the passion and hard work that she has brought to her extensive public service efforts at the local and state levels,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member and former Chair of the Brookline Commission for Women Janice Kahn. “I know her experienced leadership will serve the residents of the 4th District well as she fights for universal health care, women’s reproductive rights, family leave, and wage equity.”

“The COVID pandemic made it crystal clear how important both strong leadership and good healthcare are,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Laura Baines-Walsh. “As a courageous leader, Jesse will fight to strengthen not only our healthcare system but also our access to that system. She has decades of experience advocating for reproductive health and will champion women’s agency in their own healthcare decisions.”

“I have great confidence in Jesse’s ability to hit the ground running following her election to Congress. She is smart, she is prepared, and she is a person of action,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Bob Lepson. “I applaud her plans for improved health care, equity for all, as well as housing and transportation.  I especially appreciate her experience with Planned Parenthood and her focus on women’s reproductive rights.  She is the right person with the right progressive values for the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District.”  

“I support Jesse because I know that her experience as a local elected official will serve her well as she delivers for this district,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Julie Jette. “At a time when municipal governments are devastated by the COVID-19 crisis, I know that Jesse will fight for us in Congress.”

“I support Jesse Mermell for Congress because we need more progressive women in Congress to fight for reproductive rights, to tackle income inequality, and to provide health care coverage to all Americans,” said Brookline Town Meeting Member Robert Volk.

“I’m supporting Jesse because I believe that she’s the best candidate to represent our district,” said former Brookline Town Meeting Member, former President of the Brookline Tenant Union, Brookline PAX Board Member and Brookline Town Democratic Committee Member Rachel Goodman. “She’s smart, thoughtful, and a strong advocate for women’s rights, education and equity for all. Her experience at all levels of government translates into to get things done. In the time that I have known Jesse, she has always been fair and willing to listen to others with respect.” 

“Supporting Jesse is in my DNA because of how she puts her time, energy, and forward action behind her words,” said former Brookline Town Meeting Member, Brookline PAX Member and Brookline Democratic Town Committee Member Phyllis Giller. “She walks the walk for all that’s important to me around women’s rights, human rights, and racial and economic justice for all. Jesse is a true “salt of the earth” character — she’s goes above and beyond for anyone who needs anything, and will be a 24/7 Congresswoman who gets things done.”

“The issues that Jesse leads on – economic, racial, and reproductive justice – are the issues that matter to me and to the district,” said Jeremy Stull, City of Attleboro Director of Budget & Administration and former Public Schools of Brookline Budget Analyst. “Her experience connecting with voters and communities in public and not-for-profit leadership roles make her the progressive leader that Massachusetts deserves.”

Also endorsing Mermell today are Brookline Town Meeting Members Sarah Boehs and Adrienne Bowman.

Mermell has steadily built the strongest grassroots coalition in the nine-person race, with endorsements from top progressive leaders and organizations such as Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, former First Lady Diane Patrick, NARAL, the National Women’s Political Caucus, SEIU, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the Massachusetts Nurse Association and the Coalition for Social Justice. A full list of her endorsements can be found here. Election Day is September 1st but voters can vote-by-mail now.